Selasa, 04 November 2008

Sekarang, saat di malam hari
Tiada kelelahan terlukis di wajahmu
Dengan ke aneka ragaman tentang cinta
Ketentraman dalam jiwa ada padamu

Sabtu, 01 November 2008

There is a love that you are sad
I really can make a focused
No word as written
When homesickness start changing

The world will be memories
Kala is a memory attached
Not just a figure of speech
I know a guide you
I wish I already love the tone
but I'm afraid you hurt your ear

I wish I love singing tone
but I'm afraid I discordant tones

I want to write I love the tone
but I'm afraid the language I

I can only whisper I love the tone
only for you
Many poems that I want to write
Although you may never know
Because the sense of the word not represented
When arranged in the temple, the temple of longing

Many said that I want to
even though you may not care
Because the yearning hearts can not be realized
when I said in a bunch of poetry

but, when you hold my hand
you get the hug I thou
everything has been answered without words
only smile and drop tears

When the tone-tone love you say
our world more beautiful
open the eyes of sleeping
recognize a real love
Before I meet love,
During the door is still open hearts,
Prior eyes pantomime,
During that also must understand my love.

Whether what happened to myself,
Pikiranku change the way,
Changing the way of life,
Changing attitudes in the rough myself,
The changes are very meaningful for me.

From the sprinkling of Love You, ...
You know grace is the largest it has ever received
Sometimes I feel lonely without you in my hand
Sometimes I feel that love that I always want is the love that I can have
The man who did not escape from errors
Only injuries that often I give thee
All that I want to have to go now
Now only the memories of the past
Love at first still recollected
Love does not mean that when the flash
Love monkeys quickly outdated
True love always eternal